The Profession At a Glance

Athletic Training is centered on providing health care for the physically active population. The profession itself took roots in the United States in the early to mid 1900's. Since then the profession has rapidly grown and is recognized as an allied health profession by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Certified Athletic Trainers' (ATC) are now employed in a variety of settings to assist the physically active. Athletic Trainers' are commonly found in College/University Athletic Departments, Sports Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation Clinics/Hospitals, High Schools, and Professional Sports. Athletic Trainers' are highly educated professionals and are generally viewed as the primary provider of injury management, prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injured athletes. Athletic Trainers' work under the direction of a licensed medical physician, as a physician extender in many settings, and administer varying degrees of medical care depending on the employment setting. Typically the Athletic Trainer works very closely with the doctors, coaches, and parents of injured athletes. Athletic Trainers' are governed by the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) and the state they are employed in.

Athletic Training Services

Athletic Training Services at Campbell University are provided for all student-athletes through multiple full service athletic training facilities. The McLeod Athletic Training Facility is the primary facility for athletic health care at CU. This facility, serving as the primary rehabilitation center for the athletic training department, houses equipment used for daily treatment and post surgical rehabilitation. This facility also houses office space for the majority of the full time and graduate assistant athletic training staff. The CU Football Field House houses a full service athletic training room for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as physician exam room and office space for the football athletic training staff. Campbell's John W. Pope Jr. Convocation Center houses a third athletic training facility, complete with physician exam room, hydrotherapy room, and office space. Campbell employs nine Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) to care for student-athletes involved in Intercollegiate Athletics. As well, the staff works closely with the Director of Campbell University's CAATE accredited Athletic Training Education Program to provide a high quality clinical educational experience while preparing undergraduate students for a career in Athletic Training.

Each of Campbell's 20 NCAA Division I sports is covered directly by a Certified Athletic Trainer. Other responsibilities of the Athletic Training Staff at CU include: evaluating athletic related injuries/illnesses, developing and implementing treatment and rehabilitation programs, maintaining up to date medical records, processing insurance claims and paperwork, health care administration, establishing physician referrals, providing injury/illness/healthy lifestyle education and prevention information to student-athletes and coaches, counseling injured student-athletes, and providing emergency and follow up care for all types of musculoskeletal and general medical injuries and illnesses.

Triangle Orthopedic Associates in Raleigh is home to the Campbell University orthopedic team physicians who provide on campus visits for injured student-athletes, as well as athletic event coverage. The on campus Student Health Center also provides care for general medical conditions while student-athletes are in school.

Campbell Athletic Training Services mission is to maintain a high standard of care for all of our athletic programs, to promote an atmosphere active healing in all of our athletic training facilities, and to ultimately assist injured or ill student-athletes return to participation as quickly and safely as possible.